A HUGE welcome to the Popcorn Miracles website!

People everywhere are entering into the presence of God and receiving all sorts of wonderful miracles--healings, pictures from God, divine revelations. The extraordinary happenings that occurred throughout the book, Jesus can do for you. Faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of God. That is key to building your faith along with an intimate relationship with Jesus. If you're a new believer as a result of reading Popcorn Miracles or Kernels of Hope, a big, hearty WELCOME to you!

Jesus is our King and Lord and Savior and He adopts you into the Royal Family. Reciting the salvation prayer is the first step in beginning your journey.
No matter what type of problems you face, God is waiting for you to come to Him. It's very important to find a Bible-based church--one that believes in the full Bible.

God has the best life in store for you that only you can fulfill since you're a special blueprint.

A great celebration occurs in heaven when you receive Christ. Click the photo to receive your welcome gift. Click the Resources below to help you begin your journey.