Writers Guidelines

Kernels of Hope is the 2nd book in the Popcorn Miracles book series. Kernels represent problems of all sizes that burst under heat and become breakthroughs.

If you want to submit a story for consideration, please follow the guidelines below:

Start with a dynamic opening--often a problem or conflict.

Describe the sights, sounds smells, feelings around the event or action as much as possible.

Show it--don't just tell the story.

Example of tell: Bob was angry.

Example of show: With a beet-red face and balled fists, Bill stomped down the hallway and kicked the door open.

Add some dialogue to make the story come alive. Don't only use attributes like "This can't be happening," she said. Add some action beats to your dialogue.

Action beat: She slammed the letter on the desk and cried. "This can't be happening."

Remove "to be" verbs such as "I was hoping" with "I hoped" and so forth.

Use adverbs sparingly like "really" and other "ly" words.

Replace passive voice with active--e.g.
"The Cordon Bleu was prepared by Jackie. (passive)
Jackie prepared the Cordon Bleu. (active)

Let the story carry the message.

Remove all Christianese as much as possible.

As writing mentor, James Scott Bell says, "Craft a knockout ending."

End with a universal takeaway--something to give back to the readers.

Finally we close every story with a verse.

Word counts of 700 up to 1500 words will be considered. You can send more than one story, but only send one copy of each submission.

Write the story in first person.

If your story is selected for publication, you will be contacted.

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Reference Books

We are using the following books in the order of authority:

The Chicago Manual of Style for punctuation and grammar
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary for spelling and usage

The Elements of Style by Strunk and White